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Products & Services


HBW provides complete service to all the Hawaiian Islands. We have a full staff and service on all the major islands and will service the smaller islands on an on call basis. Our shipping containers leave weekly from the Big Island, Maui and Kauai.

  • Sureway Systems™ Reusable Sharps System

    HBW is the exclusive distributor for the Sureway Re-usable Sharps System in the Pacific Rim. Sureway is among the largest providers of re-usable sharps containers in the United States. By subscribing to the Sureway system, you are assured of a safe and compliant sharps program that is extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly. The transition to re-usable containers is seamless as the containers are very similar to disposables. HBW personnel will remove and replace the used containers on a regular basis. Once the containers are back at the HBW facility, the contents are mechanically removed and sterilized and the containers sanitized for re-use. The containers are considerably thicker than disposable containers so the danger of a needle stick is much less and our flat rate pricing system will prove to be much more economical. Best of all, we literally remove all the plastics from the waste stream as only the contaminated material is treated and disposed of.

    The automated Sharps Container Washing System washes and disinfects the containers. The containers are dried and returned to the medical facility from which they came. The ability to wash, sterilize and return the containers saves the facilities disposable container costs and reduces the volume of plastic waste to be processed.

  • Medical Waste Services

    Since 1991, HBW has been Hawaii’s leader in the field of medical waste treatment and disposal. We operate daily using our own trucks and treatment facility in Sand Island. Our drivers are all certified by the Department of Transportation (Hazmat) and are well versed in the use of personal protection equipment (PPE), handling procedures, spill response and emergency procedures. All trucks are secured and locked during service runs. Once the med waste is removed from the clinical facility, it is transported to our plant where it is weighed, scanned into our computers and rendered non-infectious by either autoclaving or pyrolysis. The resulting sterile waste or ash is then removed to the city landfill. You can be assured that we take your “cradle to grave” responsibility very seriously and our computers track every step of the process. We will provide you with a manifest upon request so a paper trail is established and proof of destruction is evident.
  • Medical Waste Consulting and Training

    Our management and engineering team has over 25 years of experience in the waste management industry. It is experienced in conducting feasibility studies, equipment evaluation and plant design. Our vast experience has allowed us to offer our expertise to companies and municipalities both in the US and abroad. We have designed solutions for everything from small facilities to management of entire waste streams for cities and municipalities. We will train your staff in the proper storing and handling of medical waste so you are relieved of this task.
  • Sterilization of Foreign Waste

    HBW is one of few facilities in Hawaii certified by the USDA to sterilize and dispose of waste from foreign ships and aircraft. This is a very important program that keeps potentially harmful plant and insect species from establishing themselves in Hawaii. The waste is sterilized for one hour in our autoclaves, compacted and removed to the city landfill.


  HBW provides superior waste disposal products and exceptional service
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  HBW utilizes a commercial autoclave to treat approximately 80% of the waste stream it receives
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  Helpful links to other websites about bio-waste disposal, best practices, and regulations
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